Club History

The club was formed in 1960 by a small number of very keen Scottish breeders exhibitors and owners of whippets.  Officers and committee in the first years were:Hon. President: Mr James Chassels. Hon Vice President: Mrs Keswick.  Chairman: Mrs C. Crawford, Secretary: Miss Amanda Selway, treasurer Mrs A D Selway

Committee Mesdames Chassels, Birrell, Pearson, and Mssrs Allan, Buglass, James and Walker.

Amongst the founder members were Mrs E Third, Mr and Mrs J McLaren, the Rev and Mrs Lyndesay Smith, and Bill and Jean Buglass.

The first show of the club was held in 1960 and was an Open Show held in conjunction with the Caledonian Canine Society’s show in the Waverley market Edinburgh.  The judge was Joe Fisher of the Knotknum whippets.  He had always taken a great interest in the club in the early days, and was Hon. Auditor for several years.  He made Miss Isa Birrell’s Blik’s Ringmore Bardolph (later to be a Champion) Best in Show, Mrs Jean Home’s Palmerscross Black Magic was was BOS, and MrAB Nicholson’s Hillgarth Springbox was Best puppy.

Later in 1960 the Selways were posted abroad, and Mrs Connie Crawford became secretary, with the Rev Lyndesay Smith as Chairman.

In 1962 the Crawfords resigned due to business commitments and Mrs Gerry Pearson took over as secretary, with Mr Pearson as Chairman.

They held these posts until they resigned in 1965 when Flora and Denis Lindsay took over as secretary and treasurer.

By now the club was holding one Open show a year every year until 1966 when a Member’s show was added..  Most of these shows were held in the Gorgie War Memorial Hall in Edinburgh.

In 1970 we were granted CCs by the Kennel Club and held our first Championship Show, judged by Mrs Irene Wood (Flarepath). Dog CC was Mrs Jean Rollason’s Fairfoot Towercrest Encore, Bitch CC and BIS Mr Fred Nicholas’ Lowglen Micant  Madonna.  There were no tickets available in 1971, but in 1972 and every year since (except for 2001 when The KC did not grant every breed club CCs and we had to take a turn at hosting the Whippet Stars competition) we have held both the Championship and  Members shows

In 1971 Mrs Jean Buglass became Secretary and Treasurer, and carried on until 1980 when Jessie McLeod took over.

Early on, in 1963-66 “picnic race meetings” were held annually  in idyllic surroundings at Innerleithen in the Borders, very informal racing, dogs hand slipped to their owners frantically waving rags

In the late 1960’s a racing section was formed, as the demand grew from members for more formalised racing.  A field was found in a more central location in the Stirling area.  Thanks to the hard work of many, especially Flora and Denis Lindsay, over the years the club progressed to using mechanised traps and lures, and then to a bends track as well as the straight one.  Handicapping systems have evolved in order to encourage all owners and all standard of runners, even the slowest getting a chance of winning a rosette.

Unfortunately in the 1990’s the Kennel Club did not allow registered breed clubs to run racing sections so the WCoS had to part company with the Racing Section, but the racing classes at the Members show are a memory of those days, and the Scottish Pedigree Whippet Racing Club continued to promote the whippet both as a show and a racing dog until sadly this club had to be discontinued in 2010 due to losing the use of the field to building works.

The Whippet Club of Scotland  has continued to be successful with Jessie McLeod at the helm until she handed over to Vanna Skelley in 1993.  When she moved south in 1996 her mother Annette Skelley took over with Liz Third as Treasurer.   When they gave up the posts in 2004 Bill Armstrong became secretary for the next 3 years, during which he introduced a regular newsletter.  In 2006 Ms Margaret Hendrie took over as Secretary with Jean Pahnke as Treasurer.  Jessie McLeod remaining in the office of Chairman.  The present secretary is Mrs K McKinnon

During recent years the Championship show has remained in Newmilns in June and has been continuing to be successful, in fact grew out of the hall, especially as the parking facilities have reduced over the last few years.  The  venue has more recently been at Larkhall, a suitably central venue with adequate space and parking.

The member’s show in November has moved around, from several years in Falkirk then several more years in Lochwinnoch,  one year in Alva, then to Wishaw, and then  to the Newmilns Hall.  It has become a “moveable feast” of late as halls become difficult to find.